All About The Trees


I think it’s important that we  give credit to the things that give us life.. that gives us breath.. the trees!

I found this video on how trees function interesting:

Maybe it’s a little technical, but I found some great information in there.

I think if we have a better understanding of the vegetation on this planet we will have a better understanding of ourselves.  The same power and energy created the trees that created us humans and everything else around us.  The trees are a great source of wisdom.

Does that sound crazy?  Probably does, but I believe it is true.  Straight up, sometimes I get the chills just by being present in nature and feeling the divinity in it all.

My friend Mike runs a tree service here in Saint Petersburg and I really admire his fascination with all of nature.  Shout out to him.. check out his business over at

You could say he inspired me to watch this video today. 😀

He does a commercial and residential tree service.  Everything from trimming to pruning to removal to stump grinding, he does it.  So.. if you’re in South Florida and need some trees done, give him a ring!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some fresh content.  Talk to you all then.

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Doing The “Right Thing”


When you think of the “right thing,” what do you think about?

Is it the action that you know will be pleasing to other people?

Is it the action that pleases yourself?

Is it the action that makes you feel comfortable?

Is it the action that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Is it the action that is socially accepted?

My definition of the “right action” is taking the action that you know will benefit you in the long run.  Doing what you know deep down is best for your personal growth, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.

So, putting on your jeans in the morning, putting on your socks, putting on your tee shirt, etc, aren’t the right action.  They aren’t aiding to your growth as a person.  They are entirely habitual and you don’t even think twice about doing them.

I think the right action is all about challenging your current beliefs and making behavioral changes in order to rewire your natural response.

The right action is about conquering your fears and transmuting them in to creative energy.  Doing what you know is really hard, but equally as necessary.

A lot of us, including myself, were raised to believe that it’s better to feel comfortable.  And that only some people are inherently capable of creativity and expression.  I sigh when people say “I’m not creative.”  We are creative beings.  It is our nature to create.

No individual is inherently more creative than another.  It’s just that some choose to exercise their creative faculties more than others.  Each and every human has infinite potential.

It’s my belief that the more we create, the more we create.  Meaning the more we use our creativity, the more we increase our capacity for creation.  There’s an old saying that goes, “What you don’t use, you lose.”  Well, that holds true to your physical muscles just as much as it holds true to your creativity.

It is also my belief that the more we take the right action, the more empowered we feel.  The more we take the right action, the more we respect ourselves and the more confidence we get in return.

Any time we take the right action it is an act of courage, and any act of courage is an act of love.  And an act of love can only help you.

Go out there and do the right thing.  Sure, people might look at you funny, condemn, try to embarrass or criticize you, but hey! .. don’t forget what you’re doing here.  You’re trying to better yourself.  The ones who hate on that don’t belong in your life, anyways.

The ones who see what you’re doing will become your best friends and they will feel inspired by your actions.  And that’s a beautiful thing.

Express what you want, let the world know who you are, speak your mind, and do the right thing.  Let go of what’s stopping you.  Get out of your own way!

Talk to you all soon!

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Respecting Your Nature

human nature

I think it’s funny, us humans.

This one’s attributed to a conversation my friend Mike and I just had about appreciating ourselves more.  This was huge for him in attaining success in business.

We look up at the stars at night and say, “Wow, how beautiful.”  And I agree.  Beautiful at the least.

Or when we gaze out in to the ocean and say “Wow, that’s divine.”  And I agree.  Divine.


A lot of us appreciate the beauty of the ocean and the stars, but, often times, we skip over the appreciation of ourselves.

Aren’t us humans, the most capable species on this planet, something to appreciate?  Aren’t we incredible compared to the other animals living here with us?

We’ve been blessed with a mind.  We’ve been blessed with creative faculties.  We’ve been blessed with beautiful voices that we can use to communicate on a deep level with other people.

We have so much power and potential, yet we often squander it. Too often we let our egos get in the way of what we are capable of.  Whether it be a silly fear, self judgement, or something else, it’s important we realize that the same thing that made us made the ocean, the stars, the forrest, the planet.

Everything around us was built in divine order, and we are no exception to that rule.

Just ponder for a second how significant our bodies are.  What are we, anyways?

Our bodies, and any other matter alike, are nothing but a mass of molecules, vibrating at a very high speed of vibration.  But is that how post people see objects and bodies? No.

I think it’s too easy to fall in to a mundane and dull perception of things.  Studying vibration has helped me to cultivate a more interesting and exciting view on life.  Understanding that everything is energy.  Things may seem to be still, but really, nothing rests.  We literally live in an ocean of motion.

That chair might look motionless, but really it’s vibrating much faster that you can even imagine.

Also, no other species has access to information the way we do.  We have the freaking internet.

It’s crazy how we take this for granted.  The internet has only been mainstream for like 20 years and most of us just act like it’s a normal thing.


At what other point in the history of Earth has there been something so surreal?  The internet allow you instant access to, quite literally, trillions of web pages.

A google search is one of the most powerful tools we possess as a human in 2016.

I believe we’re living in a golden age, a time that humans have looked forward to and worked towards for thousands of years.  And now that it’s here we pretty well accept it as normal and take it for granted.

I’m guilty of this, too.  But recently I have been waking up to the fact that the opportunity today is far greater than it ever has been.

Just something to think about.  Hope you all were able to find some value in this.

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Tom Cruise Method

rsd madison

Hey guys, this post is going to be for those of you out there, man or woman, who want to increase their game.  I want to increase my game..

I found this method from one of my favorite YouTubers.  Find him at RSD Madison on there.  He is one of the world’s best social dynamics mentor and dating coach; much respect.

So, the Tom Cruise method.

Tom Cruise is a well known American actor, filmmaker, and philanthropist.  What exactly is a philanthropist, you might ask.  A philanthropist is someone who promotes the welfare of others, usually through generous monetary donations to good causes.

You could say that a philanthropist is all about giving.philanthropy

So, how does this relate to getting better at talking to people?

Instead of giving money to people, give great feelings to people.  How do you do that?  You feel great and you transfer that emotion to whomever you come in contact with.

You help others just for the sake of helping.  And if you understand that you get what you give out of life, this will really appeal to you.

You must do this in a spirit of faith and without needing anything from anyone in return.  You do this because it makes you feel great!

So, your only obligation is to feel excellent and transfer that excellent energy to those who you interact with.

You might be thinking, “That’s great, but how do I feel excellent?”  Great question.

To voluntarily induce a feeling of excellence you need to control your focus.  You need to control your mind.  I’m not saying it’s going to happen overnight.. it’s not.

But learning to control your mind is the single most valuable thing that you can do as a human being.  If you cannot control yourself, you cannot control others and you cannot control any other area of your life.

Even if you don’t feel excellent, still take action.. take imperfect action.  It’s just as valuable.  The number one thing here is to be honest with people.  If you don’t feel amazing, tell the other person how you really feel.  The chances are they will see your authenticity and feel great because of how open you are.

“When you are yourself, you allow other people to be themselves.”

No one wants to be around someone who is judging them.  Quit judging yourself, quit judging others, look for the good in everything, and be grateful for your potential.  This will earn you a lot of great friends.

Let’s talk about social momentum and how it relates to the Tom Cruise method.  Social momentum is about consistently taking the “right action.”  Now let’s define the right action: the thing that is uncomfortable to do, but you know will help you in the long term.  This could be a lot of things.

What doesn’t qualify as the right action is putting on your clothes in the morning, putting on deodorant, showering, or any other routine thing.  The right action takes courage.

At the beginning of the night your focus should be social momentum.  Even if you start out approaching people and nothing is going good, that’s okay.  The idea is to progress yourself as the night goes on.

Make one right decision after another until it is automatic and the losses don’t hurt you.

Most importantly, do not beat yourself up over bad interactions.  That will hurt your self confidence more than boost it.  Relax yourself, let go of that shit!

It is going to come to the point where it is just so much fun doing approaches, so much of a thrill.  Conquering my fears is the most empowering feeling.  It takes courage to implement this type of habit, but the reward is priceless.

Remember.. be yourself.  Easier said than done, I know.  Keep these things in mind, though.

  • Do what you think is funny, not what other people think is funny.  Express your sense of humor for the sake of making yourself laugh, not to get a reaction out of the crowd!
  • Do what will make you carefree.  Full on embarrass yourself and accept the humility.  Do this and you’re a real alpha.. nothing will stop you.  Go run through the club butt, do what you have to do!
  • Talk about what you’re passionate about, what you feel most strongly about.  When you do this you don’t have to be self conscious, it’s what you love!  If it makes people feel offended then that’s their own insecurity that is making them feel that way.  You shouldn’t have to be filtering your passion to fit the scene.  It’s your passion that takes you to your peak.  Express it fully.
  • Learn to not be attached to what you say.  Let it go.  Care more for your own happiness and self-approval than other people’s opinions.  You aren’t going to be friends with everyone, not everyone is going to like you.  Why should you let those people decide for you how you are going to act?  You shouldn’t.  Don’t  be silly!

Be as playful as you can with this.  Life is a freaking game, have fun with it.  You’re going to find out that people are actually a lot nicer than you thought. 😉

Hope you guys are liking these posts, I’m going to keep them coming regardless.  Next one is going to be on alcohol.. pros and cons.  Mostly cons.

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Talk to you soon!



I think it’s important we understand the value of wealth.  Not just in the monetary sense, but in the mental, spiritual, and emotional sense.

Most people without sufficient money live with the fear of poverty.  And just like any fear, it destroys creativity and motivation.  It forces us to withdraw into ourselves and make excuses,

Money gives us options.  Money gives us comfort.  Money lets us extend the good far beyond our own presence.

I think it’s BS that we were brought up to believe that if you have money won’t make you happy.  I remember being told this over and over in my childhood.  But the truth is, the people who were saying that didn’t have any money.

Money contributes to our well-being.  We live in an economic society.  Those without money will suffer.

For a long time I really believed that money doesn’t help our situation, and so, I didn’t make any effort to earn a lot of money.  Simply because I didn’t believe that money was going to be useful in my life.

I’m here to say that money is absolutely necessary for most of us.  The secret is to be successful first, then let the money follow.  This is how it works.

Trying to earn money without being successful is a bit like trying to start a fire without the wood.

When you get around successful people you’re going to notice that they seem to be happier, more fulfilled individuals.  They travel more, they meet more interesting people, they often are more confident, they are more enthusiastic about their work, and the list goes on.

I think the best part of having money is the amount of options you have.  It’s like a whole new world of power opens up to you.  You can go around the world, go to events of all kinds, set your own schedule, YOU call the shots.

If you have a lot of money it will be even easier for you to learn things from the top guys in the field.  With enough money you can get yourself in contact with nearly anyone.  I’m referring to paid mentorships and classes here.

Think about it, if you play the guitar and you love music, you can take first rate classes from a well known and respected musician.  Your opportunity to learn from the best increases, this is one of the best parts of having money.

Maybe you’re 22 and you have a million dollars in the bank and you want to learn ho to act.  Go and take acting lessons from the best acting teachers in the world.  Maybe you want to learn to be a great speaker, either join network marketing or go and take first rate speech classes.  Maybe you want to better your game with women, go and find an expert dating coach who will privately mentor you – jackpot!

See what I’m saying?  Having money will cut the learning curve for a lot of other things you want to do in life.  Sitting at your parents house and teaching yourself through the internet will work, it absolutely will.  But if you want results quickly you must find a mentor.  Great mentors usually cost a lot of money.  Get a lot of money and your life will be full of high level people and enthusiasm and growth.

grateful abundance

Also when you have a lot more money it will be a lot easier to earn more money.  It takes money to make money, right?  Well, not really.  But, using existing money is a more efficient way to make large capital gains.  So, you could say it gets easier the more wealthy you become.

A life of wealth means a life of options, generosity, service, success.  A life of poverty means a life of scarcity, fear, worry, and stinginess.

Money is not everything, but it’s apparent the benefits of having a good amount of it.  It’s up to you.  I suggest everyone starts putting some serious thought in to creating a business, generating cash flow streams.

I also know that it’s necessary to study.. study.. and study..  Study the people who have what you want.  Do not be influenced by your family or friends on the subject of accumulating riches.  If they don’t have a million, they don’t know what it takes to make a million.  Study people who do, read books written by people who understand.

If you don’t have access to a physical mentor, use YouTube.  People like Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Wayne Dyre, and Brian Tracy will be of great value to you.  They’re your free digital mentors until you can attract paid physical mentors.  You can replay their messages over and over again until you burn the concepts in to your mind.  I can’t even tell you how many hundreds and hundreds of hours I’ve spent watching YouTube content.

I’ll leave you with this.  Check out this video where Bob Proctor talks about the law of vibration.  I’m sure I’ve listened to this well over 100 times, and will continue to listen.  I think you should consider doing the same.  Remember, we do not influence our subconscious mind without repetition.

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Talk to you soon!



If you can be playful in life, that alone might be enough to get you wherever you want to be.

Being playful is being fun and energizing.  What is helping me to become more playful in nature is by reminding myself every day that life can be perceived in any way I choose.  I may as well choose a great outlook.

Can’t you compare living life to playing a video game?  I mean, aren’t we literally playing a game?  I think we are.  And the universal laws are the rules.  The best way I know of to win in this game is to learn the rules and begin at once to apply them.

Energy physics being the code to the game, our bodies being the characters, our mind being the controller.  However you want to see it, this life is a game.

The ones who win best understand the rules and take massive action, while having fun.

albert einstein

A great way to assume that type of mindset is to be more playful in life.  Remind yourself when you’re feeling down that it’s just a game and that you shouldn’t be taking your lows that serious.  You can bounce back, just alter the way you’re using your mind.

I think the people who really master playfulness are the ones who use it to conquer their fears.  To treat fears like an essential part of the game, and they are more thrilled by the fears than they are scared.

So, they don’t run away.  They run straight in to them and say bring it on.  That’s what all highly successful people do.

I think of it like this:

There is a reason I fear things.  I figure that reason out, I find out why it’s illogical, then I conquer it by taking action on it.

Every time I conquer a fear my “character” becomes more powerful.  I gain energy.  I gain self confidence.  I become stronger.  I level up.

You see, there’s a reason we fear what we do.  And, for me, just the fact that I fear something and that I feel so much repulsive energy towards a certain circumstance tells me that there is a lot of energy behind that fear.  That’s an indicator to me that if I am to face it, that same energy can be transmuted to positive, constructive energy.

Moral of this story: take a step back and realize you’re in a matrix.  You’re playing a game.  The one who gets overwhelmed and never learns the rules will always feel confused.  The one who is aware of the game that he is playing will have an advantage over the others.

Thoughts are energy.  Choose your thoughts wisely.

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How courageous do you consider yourself?  This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately.

I’ve heard it said that it takes courage to make money.  I can conclude from that that it also takes courage to be happy.

To be happy you’ve got to learn to approve of yourself, to not compete with other people, not to get high off other people’s praise, to be relaxed.  It takes courage to express ourselves in a world where there’s a ton of criticism towards the guy who goes his own way and challenges the dogma.

Courageous people are the ones who are willing to do what others aren’t willing ot do in order to get what the others don’t have.  It’s common logic, really.  You can’t get different results unless you change your actions.

I once heard Earl Nightingale say that the opposite of courage is not cowardice, but conformity.  Meaning the man he has no courage is the one who tries to be like everyone else, who tries to blend in and not be noticed.

The courageous man is the one who says that awkward thing that no one else is willing to say.  The man of courage tells it like it is and not just how the person he’s conversing with wants to hear it.

The man of courage is honest, sometimes brutally.  He will not hesitate to give you his opinion if he thinks it could be useful for you or if you ask for it.  The man of courage is a real leader.

He boldly does what is necessary in order to get what he wants.

The man with courage follows through with what he says.  He’s intelligent and is not cognitively dissonant, meaning he does not say one thing, yet do another.

The courageous one is willing to stake even his existence for what he wants most out of life, and for this reason he is invincible and a force to be reckoned with.  Do not take this guy lightly, he is a real player and is well aware of his own power.

He is transparent and undoubtedly intimidating to most people.  He is a man of action.

Be like this man and the universe will reward you with everything you desire.  If you have courage like this you will be automatically charismatic and inspiring to many.

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I’m firm on believing that the happiest people living are also the most grateful.  Why do you think this is so?

I think it’s because highly grateful people are more aware.  They are able to see things more for what they are, more objectively, and with more value.

It’s really easy to take things for granted.  We all know this.  One of the truest statements I’ve ever heard is, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

Absolutely true.  Abso-freaking-lutely.

You didn’t know how good you had it until whatever you had disappeared.

It’s a funny paradox.  Think of this.

The most valuable things given to us in life are free.


Mind, which I believe to be the most valuable thing of mine, came to me at no charge.  With the proper use of my mind anything is possible, anything.  It makes a luxury downtown Miami apartment look really inexpensive in comparison.

I know that with the proper use of my mind I can buy 30 apartments of that kind, burn them to the ground, and re-buy them, all within the same lifetime.  We could do that several times.

I think the trick is being able to realize the power of our mind, and freeing yourself of the belief that “because something is free, it must not be valuable.”

The truth is that the things that were given to us for free in life are actually the most valuable things we have, and that the things we buy are actually very cheap in comparison.

The beautiful relationships that we build with other people come to us free of any money, yet those, too, are often taken for granted.

Our self image is created by us for free, yet most of us don’t even know we have a self image.  Our self image is literally controlling every aspect of our life and it can be altered for free.

Being able to see things with more “size,” as Stella Adler would say, will make you appreciate the world we live in more.  Being able to see the beauty in every day, “normal” things, will make you happy.

The sun rises every morning.  I am grateful for that.  I am grateful for every day I wake up and get a chance to chase my dreams.  Every day there is an opportunity for growth and a chance of a miracle.  You never know who you will run in to or what will come up, I love it.

Life is an adventure, quite an interesting journey to be embarking on, wouldn’t you say?

Leave a comment if ya’ vibe with this.

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Next on my list is focus.

Without focus we aren’t going to accomplish anything worthwhile in life.  Because focuswithout focus we won’t stick with anything long enough to reap the rewards.  Without focus we will be confused.

Like I mentioned in my summary article from earlier today, Tony Robbins, author, motivational speaker, business mentor, and public figure says that focus equals feeling.

Stated differently, what you focus on is going to dictate how you feel.

If you focus on negative things, such as bad things you think are going to happen to you, problems coming, or anything like that, you are going to put yourself in an undesirable state of being.

If you focus on good things happening to you, success, and are generally optimistic, you are going to feel better.

Want to know how I know this?  Here’s why.

It’s a well known fact in the scientific community that our central nervous system cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined in our mind.  What do I mean by this?

If you had a terrible experience public speaking, you remember that experience, and you probably have relived it in your mind over and over and since the real experience.

When you play the scenario in your mind and you are focused upon that terrifying experience you had, that’s the state you are putting yourself in to.

Focus equals feeling.  It’s not rocket science.  When you worry about the future, you make the present moment hell, even though it doesn’t need to be, even though you have a choice to think about and focus on whatever you want to focus on.

The most intelligent thing to do would be to focus on things that make you feel good.  To choose thoughts that are going to aid in your advancement as a human being, not destroy your self image.

Our focus is everything.

Wise men have been saying it for thousands of years.  We are what we think about.

This is simple energy physics.  You get what you give in life.

If you send out positive vibes, you are going to get them back.  And how do you send out positive vibes?  You start by changing your thoughts – by changing your focus.

The most influential book I have read to this day has been Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Written back in 1937, the message is as true today as it was back then.  He talks a lot about the subconscious mind and how crucial it is to understand, that is, if you plan to take control of your life.  If you don’t desire more control over yourself then need not worry about your mind works.

The truth is that every highly successful business man mastered his focus, whether he knew that was the reason he succeeded or not.  What we predominantly think about is going to dictate the type of results we get in our life, without exception.

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When you think of a relaxed individual, what type of person do you think about?

I think of someone with a calm and controlled attitude towards life.  Someone who relaxationnever gets overwhelmed or overtaken by worry, anxiety, or fear; and if they do, it is short-lived.  They deeply know that everything is going to work out as it should.

They have a warm, resonant, welcoming voice.  They have a way with words, always offering a wave of peaceful energy.  They naturally add serenity in to the lives of everyone who they come in to contact with.  They always have a way to better the vibe in the conversation.  They always have a way to better the vibe of the room.

They are open.  Open in communication, never timid or anxious around other people.  They simply understand that no one is inferior or superior to anyone else.  We are all unique individuals.  What we excel at, others aren’t good at.  What we aren’t great at, others excel at.  We all have our own great qualities, so, we accept ourselves and like ourselves.

The relaxed individual is authentic.  He or she who lives in a state of relaxation is truthful to who they are, and in so doing they are honest with themselves and their acquaintances.  They say what they think.  They express what they feel.  They are who they are, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

If they didn’t tell the truth and give their own opinion that would make them inauthentic, and then not relaxed.  If they aren’t in alignment with themselves, they lose their sense of relaxation.

This is why it’s important to say what we think.  This is why it’s important to be bold. If you can express yourself 100% and not fear the criticism you may receive in return, you can be relaxed in any situation.  When you can clearly see that no one is better than you, that you aren’t better than anyone else.  We are all humans and we all deserve to be living.

It’s when we are relaxed that we are most creative, most inclined to using our imagination.  It’s when we are relaxed that we experience clear thought.

On the contrary, it’s when we are worried or nervous that we experience no peace, no drive, no enthusiasm, no authenticity, distorted thinking, and the list goes on.  Worry, nervousness, anxiety, and all other forms of fear are the most destructive of the human emotions.  These emotions cannot exist in the presence of relaxation.

Learn to be relaxed and you will learn to live a more fulfilled life.  Learn to be present and your life will be much more exciting.  Learn to live every moment as intensely as you can.  Learn to feel amazing just by appreciating the air you are breathing.  Learn to put yourself in a state of relaxation quickly and automatically by meditating regularly.

Do the things in the preceding paragraph and you will be the guy with an everlasting relaxed, calm, controlled attitude towards life.

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Until next time. 🙂